Prime Whole Bone-In Ribeye Roast


The Prime whole bone-in ribeye roast primal cut is where we find the most tender, flavorful and desirable steaks. The Prime Rib is the undisputed KING of large cuts of beef. Consider this as an event and holiday signature item. It’s an extremely versatile cut of beef and can be cooked in many different ways. More importantly, Prime Rib is the most eye-catching, mouth-watering piece of beef you can serve a guest.

The Prime Rib is basically the “whole” rib eye muscle, which is a muscle that doesn’t get much exercise, so it yields some of the most tender meat. It can develop excellent marbling.

One of the reasons Prime Rib is such a popular event and holiday go to dish would be for its generous servings. This piece will serve 8-12 people.

In the oven, preheat to 275 degrees:

1. In a large roasting pan place the entire prime whole bone-in ribeye roast – 7 bones.
2. Score the top cap in a cross hatch every inch
3. Salt and pepper the entire prime whole bone-in ribeye roast
4. BBQ Sauce covering just the top cap
5. Fill with water about 2 inches.
6. Cover tightly – double with aluminum foil
7. Place in the oven for 4 ½ hours

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